The lazy and disingenuous reporting of the militant opposition to Saturday’s fascist rally (10 Oct.) in Dublin shows the level that some of our media has sunk to. Their ‘cut and paste’ reporting exposed a lack of real journalism in Ireland. The fear of politically aware working-class militant anti-fascists scared the establishment to a degree where the actual fascists were portrayed as the victims. History has shown that the establishment and their media are more comfortable with fascism than they are with an organised working class.

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A section of the anti-fascists on the move. Credit: Paul Faith/AFP via Getty Images

Nowhere in their commentaries and articles did these reporters ask the pertinent question of why the National Party (NP) fascists were previously allowed assault individuals in front of the police or why it required a sustained baton charge against anti-fascists by the same cops to defend the NP goons who had openly gloated about their previous cowardly attacks. …

Bernardo O'Reilly

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